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hand engraving


           At JIA ® we are committed to teach the art of  hand engraving and optical diamond setting.

JIA ® 6 or 10 weeks Diploma Courses

hand engraving and diamond setting

Diploma Program

This program is designed for individual that has no previous experience with optical stone setting or hand engraving.

If you are looking to become a diamond setter and hand engraver this course is for you. ​

You will be learning the concept and hands on of gemstone setting,

JIA ® Hand Engraving Classes

folder knife

with Tira Mitchell

shotgun hand engraved

Bulino Engraving

with Lee Griffiths

Gold inlay and overlay

With G.J. Owen

Jewelry institute

with Tira Mitchell

Gun engraving

with Otto Carter 

Hand engraving cuff

with Weldon Lister

JIA ® Diamond Setting Classes

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