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Engrave with Tira




5 Days

About the Course

Want to spice up your jewelry or metal designs with hand engraving?

This class gets you started with modern engraving tools, including the PulseGraver and microscopes.

Learn about graver making, sharpening, basic cuts, design considerations, pattern transfer, work holding, texture tools, and border patterns. Skills apply to working with gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, steel, or titanium. Tira has worked on many engraved items, including auto restoration, motorcycles, large format bells, knives, guns, jewelry, guitars, and other musical instruments. Learn specific tips on holding and working on all types of items. Class concepts and techniques will be applicable across all electric/pneumatic machines. Pre-marked practice plates make it easier for the student to follow.

Course Objectives

  • Correct setup of the workbench for ergonomics, including machine and vise

  • Set up and focus on Microscopes

  • Theory of graver geometry

  • Choice and sharpening of gravers

  • Artwork layout and design transfer

  • Line cutting techniques

  • Proper use of work-holding fixtures and devices

  • Shading techniques and background treatments

  • Block and script letter engraving

Course duration: 5 Days 

Attendance: 40 Hours

Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm, with a one-hour lunch break.


No requirements or previous experience is necessary. 

Please note:

Course information is subject to change without notice.

Your Instructor

Tira Mitchell

Tira Mitchell
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