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Customized Training
  • Customized Training

    Customize your training in hand engraving, diamond, or gemstone settings.


    You can select which style of gemstone setting or hand engraving to learn.


    • Prong, bezel, channel, flush.
    • Learn the types of Micropavésettingsg from regular, zigzag, irregular, fantasy, 60 degrees, and many more.
    • Learn to set fancy french settings AKA (dovetail, fishtail) and Kasteel setting, AKA (U shape, scallop, or castle) 
    • Decorative setting and bright cut 
    • Learn to set any fancy shape gemstone 
    • Learn any style of hand engraving


     Five days class

    Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm, with a one-hour lunch break.


    Call to check availability at 7187907008


    • Unavailable dates

      From April 8 to 19 2024

    Class is full
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