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On-site Training




5 Days

About the Course

Customized Training with Gabriel Owen.

Elevate the skills of you and your team with personalized hand engraving training brought directly to your store or facility by master engraver Gabriel Owen.

Tailored to meet the needs of beginners, intermediates, and advanced practitioners, this exclusive training opportunity covers a wide range of techniques and applications to enhance your craft and expand your capabilities.

Class Details:

Duration: Five days of intensive training customized to your skill level and specific training needs.

Location: Your store or facility provides convenience and comfort for you and your team.

Availability: Schedule a time and date for Gabriel's visit by contacting us directly to book your week of training.

Training Topics Include:

Hand Engraving Levels:

  • Tailored instruction for beginners, intermediates, and advanced engravers, ensuring each participant receives targeted guidance and support based on their skill level and experience.

Gold Inlay, Onlay, and Overlay:

  • Learn the art of gold inlay, onlay, and overlay techniques to add luxurious accents and embellishments to your jewelry designs with precision and elegance.

Gemstone and Diamond Settings:

  • Master the fundamentals of gemstone and diamond settings, progressing from basic techniques such as bezel, prong, flush, and channel settings to more advanced methods, including micro-pave settings and intricate designs with fancy gemstones.

Customized Curriculum:

  • Work closely with Gabriel to create a customized curriculum tailored to your team's training needs and objectives, ensuring maximum relevance and effectiveness.

Booking Information:

To book Gabriel Owen for a week of customized training at your location, contact us to discuss availability and schedule your training dates.

Please note that the price includes five training days and does not cover accommodation and travel expenses.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to refine your techniques, expand your repertoire, and achieve excellence in your craft. Contact us today to book your training session and embark on a transformative journey toward mastery in hand engraving.

Your Instructor

GJ Owen

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