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Jewelry Fabrication & Design Courses

$ 1450

Jewelry drawing and color rendering

Jewelry drawing and color rendering

$ 995

Preparation Class

Immerse yourself in a five-day workshop to equip you with the essential skills and techniques needed for a proficient gemstone & micro-pave setting. 

$ 995

3D Grillz Fabrication Workshop

Learn the intricate process of crafting custom 3D grillz using cutting-edge technology and software.

$ 12,500

Goldsmith Technician

Mastering the fundamentals of goldsmithing lays a solid foundation for exquisite crafting jewelry

$ 2450

Grillz Wax Class

Five-day Grillz wax class

$ 1950

Intro to 3D Jewelry Design

3D jewelry design with our comprehensive course

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