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Jewelry drawing and color rendering

Jewelry drawing and color rendering

Jewelry drawing and color rendering aimed at enhancing student's

drawing and rendering skills and developing their design ideas and artistic methods.

This course is broken down into three days of black-and-white sketching and two days of color rendering with a natural progression.


  • From getting more familiar with a pencil (developing sketching skills, learning how to utilize source materials, a design element, or stone, and successfully incorporating a concept into jewelry design) to rendering techniques (using transparent and opaque watercolors, true-to-life metal, and gemstone techniques).

  • We will cover the whole process, from a rough sketch to a beautiful colored painting, with the crucial step of turning a quick drawing into a reality without losing energy.


This class may apply to students wanting to develop the skills necessary for custom design and creating jewelry collections.


  • The class starts with basic black-and-white sketching and rendering skills, understanding and depicting the difference between opaque, metallic, and transparent materials, and developing abilities to rapidly express ideas or visually explain a project to a customer.

  • We will learn to draw straight bands with different profiles and tapered dome rings, sketch gemstones, and put them in perspective. These techniques help build confidence in creating powerful drawings, which will help communicate ideas, work out problems, and refine designs on paper. The class concludes with basic techniques for rendering lustrous metals and brilliant gemstones in professional-quality presentation paintings in the classic European tradition.

  • Students observe metal, gemstones, and other materials come to life. Students will be expected to develop unique designs from diverse source materials provided by the instructor. 

  • Each student will employ these techniques to create individual gouache paintings of their designs. With these tools, students will complete the course with greater confidence, prepared to develop renderings of exceptional realism, vitality, and sparkle.


Course duration: 5 Days

 Attendance: 40 Hours

Requirements: No requirements or previous experience is necessary.


Please note: Course information is subject to change without notice. 

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